Japanese style room
with private open-air bath

There are 6 rooms with a private open-air bath (16.55㎡).
You can experience a special time with a beautiful view.
You can relax in this bath with that view.
The beautiful mountain view captures your eyes.
Please experience this unrealistic moment.
Room All 6 rooms have a private open-air bath with a mountain view. You can enjoy bathing in the forest. Two kinds of bath tubs are available, white cedar and clay (Sorry, you cannot specify which tub in you reservation).

※There is only bathtub in this room and there is no equipment to wash body such as shower.Please use large public bath.

Capacity 1 to 6 pax
Amenities Towel for bathing, face towel, bath towel, toothbrush, toothpaste, hair brush, shaver, lotion, milk lotion, cleansing, hand soap, down quilt, Samui (Japanese room ware), dryer