Upgrade seasonal course
Superior experience
KAKIMOTOYA’s original seasonal course. Wa-Gyu steak.

Best Wa-gyu from brand Wa-gyu is offered to you our chef.
Please try this marbled meat.
Every one is cute and it is a waste to eat.
Upgrade menu
A sample of our Fall courses
・Aperitif … Pear wine
・Appetizer … Persimmon and parsley with ground tofu
・Seasonal Appetizer … Seasonal foods in fall
・Soup … Clear soup with crab fish ball and turnip
・Sashimi … Steamed Matsutake mushrooms,Yamatochicken and shrimps in an earthenware teapot
・Warm Dish … Steamed glutinous rice mixed with sea eel and chestnut in Nameko mushroons and egg-bound soup
・Grilled Dish … Beef fillet with Japanese style sauce
・Sorbet … Strawberry sorbet
・One-Pot Dish … Hot pot of saury meat bakks and vegeatables
・Deep-Fries … Spring rolls of Tsutsuilotus root and steamed abalone with chestnuts soup
・Rice … Cooked rice with salmon and salmon roe
・Dessert … Compotes of fig and Kousui peal on Vanilla Bavarian cream with mascarpone and honey sauce
A la carte is also ※ reservation is required by 17 o’clock on the day.

Sukiyaki / Shabushabu

Mini Steak

Mini Shabushabu




Starting your day with a healthy breakfast ♪
Our orignal breakfast wakes you up.

Yamato tea porridge with hoji cha (tea), called Yamato chagayu, comes with unique foodstuff. It is the surprise of the day.
Let’s start your day with our healthy breakfast with homemade tofu, Nara made shiny Hinohikari rice, and dessert.