Standard style

Please enjoy our Seasonal course filled with food of the current season.
The best selection by the head chef for you, food from the mountains, food from the fields, and food from the sea.
A dish with persimmons.
Persimmon is used for our business name.
Nara is one of the persimmon-growing areas.
Standard menu
A sample of our Winter courses
・Aperitif … Pear wine
・Appetizer … Assorted first course
・Soup … Clear soup with crab fish ball and turnip
・Sashimi … Clear soup with crab fish ball and turnip
・Warm Dish … Deep fried sesami tofu hamburger with two color chrysanthemum thick sauce
・Grilled Dish … Yamato Pork with honey sauce
・One-Pot Dish … Wa-gyu tongue shabushabu
・Deep-Fries … Shrimp and chestnut croquette
・Deep-Fries … Shrimp and chestnut croquette
・Rice … Ancient rice porridge with Yamatonikudori(chicken)
・Dessert … LaFrance pear compote Green the tiramisu
A la carte is also Served reservation is required by 5 o’clock pm on the day of your dinner plan.

Sukiyaki / Shabushabu

Mini Steak

Mini Shabushabu




Starting your day with a healthy breakfast ♪
Our orignal breakfast wakes you up.

Yamato tea porridge with hoji cha (tea), called Yamato chagayu, comes with unique types of food. It is the surprise of the day.
Let’s start your day with our healthy breakfast with homemade tofu, Nara made shiny Hinohikari rice, and dessert.